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Tons of people got busted at Coachella for using fake IDs.  Kelly Quinn knows all about this.

Wearing Crocs is another sure way of keeping you desperate for human contact.

Have you, or someone you know, had sex with someone famous?  Let's talk about it.

Flip phones turn girls off.  So does a lot of other stuff.  Guys, pay attention!

Free Range Parenting.  Good?  Bad?  Have you see this going on in your neighborhood?

Starset is about to make their Rock on the Range debut.  But first, an acoustic jam on our show.

Comedian, Jessimae Peluso, formerly of MTV's Girl Code, stops by to light up the show.

Rockstars make crazy demands for their shows.  What would Loper and Randi demand?

States are now dictating how you can spend your welfare money and opinions vary.

Hash tag: Things you would hear on Iraqi radio.

Which is worse? The reason this guy committed suicide or the note he left?

A little Loper scores, but then does a celebration dance.  What to do what to do...

Ohio State's four time national champion wrestler, Logan Stieber, joins the show.

It's all fun and games until someone bites the head off the hamster.

Vince Neil didn't do a good job singing the National Anthem, so Loper and Randi give it a shot.

Randi's dad called her sister a cougar because of her new boyfriend, Bieber.

We bring in the metal as UFC fighter, Matt Brown, competes against Loper and Randi in Treadmill Trivia.

Damon Martin from FOX and UFC fighter Matt Brown are both here to talk about the Walking Dead finale.

Stephen A. Smith is very upset again about an NFL player smoking weeeeeeeeed.

Loper and Randi had an appearance at the Harry Buffalo and one patron got a little upset with them.