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Madonna's 4 year old son likes his F cocaine pillow .
Some jerk on the Range really wanted his ass kicked by Loper.
Kelly is on vacation, so Aleks our new intern/model fills in.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
On Mother's Day, we shocked the hell out of Thick Rick.
Wearing a band shirt to see that band in concert...OK? Not OK? Maybe?
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Corey and Nuber talked about the Rock on the Range Kickoff Show (and the possibility of more tickets becoming available), the new album, and his thoughts of the likelihood of a Van Halen tour with both Sammy and DLR fronting the band.
Comedian, Nicole Byer, stops by to crack us up.
Is there a door to door scam in Thick Rick's neighborhood? Has this happened to you?
We found out today that Randi has been cheating at one of our games for years.
Everything you need to know about UFC 211 this weekend.
Loper and Randi's current landlord has invaded their home before they have to move out.
Ever wonder what the perfect shade of lipstick is for you?  We have the answer.  Guys, take note.
What if your tattoos could actually play sounds?  Now they can!
We had a very intense game of Egg Roulette today.
A text got us into a discussion about where to get good band gear.
We just found out that Bill O'Reilly beat up his wife.  Wait til you hear why.
Loper calls them home repairs. Really they are Randi's adjustments.  But they lead to repairs.
David Spade ran into the "Cash Me Outside" girl and he got owned.