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Jon Jones returned to the octagon for UFC 197.  Loper breaks it down.

An Alabama preacher says sex lowers your IQ.  WHAT?!

Jackass star, Steve-O, stops by the show ahead of his weekend at the Funnybone.

OJ Simpson wants to get with Kris Jenner.  All of a sudden, he calls the show.

Conor McGregor tweeted that he retiring from fighting.  Loper offers great insight on this news.

One of the mini Lopers had an "issue".  An enema was required.  Randi ran away and left Loper alone.

It's Now Loading...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming and

Thick Rick returned from Aruba with a nightmare story about he and his wife's trip.

Marty from Bobaflex blew Loper away with a story about why the band hired their lightning guy.

Loper had quite the adventure taking little Makenzie Loper to see the Jungle Book.

Would you buy a vibrator for your daughter?  Wait until you hear the reason for the question.

What is the average time for having sex?  So many factors involved.

Damon Martin from FOX and Nerd Core Movement is in to talk about the Walking Dead.

It's Now Loading...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming and

Loper and Ready headed to Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend.  Of course, chaos always follows them.

It's MawMaw, Randi's 94 year old grandmother, with sex, love, and relationship advice.

Comedian, John Caparulo, stopped by the show to crack us up.

Loper is been having an issue with his trash service taking a swing he is trying to throw away.

There are a lot of women that are into some freaky porn and we have the evidence.

There is a tour coming to Ohio called 'I Love the 90s'...check out these old school pop artists.