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Some jerks stole Bobaflex's guitars on the west side this morning.  Maybe you can help...take a listen.

Loper's tales from his UFC weekend in Chicago.

San Francisco has a problem with people peeing on public walls so they came up with a solution.

Don't you hate it when you are promised sex later for doing something now and then there is no payoff.

The rock music category for the MTV Video Awards is a joke.  None of the songs rock!

Great edition of Treadmill Trivia.  Tempers flared on this one.

It's Now Loading...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming and

Loper dimes Randi out for her behavior at the 311 concert.

We have the first pictures of Pluto.  Check out the audio that came with it.

A guy in Florida got beat up by his girlfriend for watching porn.  Are you allowed?

We have to bust out Thick Rick for a Smokeout moment he would probably like to forget.

UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, stops into the show, fresh off his win over Tim Means.

So after telling the world about Randy's missing "TOY" it was finally found.

A new Han Solo movie is coming.  We have a new parody.  This is a MUST listen!

We talk to Rich Hanna, one of the drivers at this Saturday's Night of Thunder at National Trails Raceway.

Loper and Randi left an important toy at Randi's parents' place in New Orleans, so we had to call mom.

It's Now Loading...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming and

Former Buckeye Boom Herron and MusclePharm's Cory Gregory are in studio talking football!

So does Pantera have to get rid of all their merchandise with the confederate flag on it now?

Damon Martin from FOX is here with news on Comic Con, Superman vs Batman, and the new Star Wars.