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Local Stuff Lineup - 3.19.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 3.19.17

​Miller and The Hunks - Stapled Shut

The Turbos - Sleeper

Hello Luna - Empathy

3 Piece Suit - Breakaway

Everyone Leaves - Push You Out

Friendly Faux - For Your Own Good

mr.phylzzz - flyzzz

Daymare - Blinders

Lovesick Radio - Hooray (She Got Her Way)

The Acacia Strain - Smoke Ya Later*

Bear Your Cross - Convenience

Ryng - Shadow Walkers

Denounce Your Martyr - Humanity

From Another Planet - Renewed 

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup 3.12.17

Local Stuff Lineup 3.12.17

Ft. guest To Kill A Monster 

To Kill A Monster - Day By Day

To Kill A Monster - Lost & Afraid (Acoustic)

Plain Old Henry - Mr. Rogers

Creature Comforts - Bend

Liberty Deep Down - Kiss & Run

You vs. Yesterday - Both Of Us

To Kill A Monster - Undead

We Are The Movies - Fault Lines

Strike Two - Until The End

Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Is For Lovers*

Against Us All - Rescue Me

Cornado - Rediscover

To Kill A Monster - Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup - 3.5.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 3.5.17

Dread Engine - Coward

Twenty Second Dimension - Dreamless

Zoo Trippin' - 10% Reason

Oceanspeak - Jezebel

Hello Luna - Sound & Sorrow

Undergrads - Silvertoes

Post Modern - Fury

Hollow Like Me - Wake Up

I Hope She Dies - I've Got A Twelve Gauge And I'm Here To Wrong My Rights

Nine Shrines - King Of Mercy*

Sleeper's Awake - Burdened

Pursuing Purpose - Naturalize

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup - 2.26.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 2.26.17

​Bad Remedy - Step Up

The Dogmatik Method - Make Me Loud

Yours For The Taking - On The Radio

Hollyview - I've Gone Mad

Conversion delay - Hope

Excuse Me Reality - Hate

Settle Your Scores - Life, A Fate Worse Than Death

Strikken - Into Darkness

One In The Chamber - Shattered

The Crimson Armada - Forgive Me*

Tar - The Calvinist

Domestic Terror - Eternal Festering Wound

Under The Combine - Wolves And Bottom Dwellers

Feverwar - 3 Matches, 6 Shots

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup - 2.19.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 2.19.17

Grindhouse - Death Starstruck

Scars Like Mine - The Death Of Me

7th Cycle - The Victim

Call Of The Sumac - The Train Song

PsuedoSentai - Belle of the Cabal

You vs. Yesterday - Wasted

We Are The Movies - The Best Revenge Is Living Well

Fur Coat Foxes - Come Together

The Mighty Swine - Thick As Thieves

Bobaflex - Hey You*

Fade To Oblivion - Gravity

Life Lies Bleeding - All The Filth

Bonehead - Xanax

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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