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Local Stuff Lineup - 7.16.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 7.16.17

Ft. in studio w/ Cure Culture

Cure Culture - Estranged

Cure Culture - Satire (Acoustic)

Personal Public - Stranded

The Turbos - Fine China

Second Story Anthem - Sorry About The Mess

Psuedo Sentai - Bansheeface

Cure Culture - Remember

Cure Culture - Careless

Live My Last - No Sleep

The Plot In You - Feel Nothing*

Overgrow - Ease

That Ship's Sailed - Trapped In The Middle

Cure Culture - Someday


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Local Stuff Lineup - 7.9.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 7.9.17

Sleepers Awake - The Augur

Throwing Rocks At Girls - Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

Post Modern - Speak Soft

Heavy Things - Car

Undergrads - Friends

Ranger Danger - Tiny Spoons

Harmless Habit - Underclass

No Dice - 270

Highwire Kicks - Runnin'

The Acacia Strain - Gravebloom*

Pursuing Purpose - Naturalize

Deathwatch - Common Thief

Feverwar - The American Dream


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Local Stuff Lineup - 6.25.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 6.25.17

You vs. Yesterday - Wasted

We Are The Movies - Fault Lines

Gudger - Rise Of The Cyclops

Pale Grey Lore - Life In The Hive

Mississippi Bones - Fat Bottomed Girls

Embassy - Gravity

Tropic Bombs - Block The Sun

Dread Engine - Another Lie

I Hope She Dies - Let's Get Weird

Miss May I - Lost In The Grey*

Excuse Me Reality - Open Up Your Eyes

Asylum Effect - Artisan Phobia


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Local Stuff Lineup - 6.18.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 6.18.17

​To Kill A Monster - Undead

Zoo Trippin - The Color Purple

The Scratches - The Victim

Vacation Forever - Midnight In Mid Ohio

The Wet Darlings - Butterfly

Ohio On Hi - Break You

Ever Burning Bright - No Claim To Innocence

Come Wind - Clarity

Hollyview - I've Gone Mad

twenty one pilots - Car Radio*

The Dogmatik Method - Trusting Change

This Divine Tragedy - Scream

Until Yesterday - Spring Rain


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Local Stuff Lineup - 6.11.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 6.11.17

Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Keepers Of The Night

Conversion Delay - Greay Imagination

MG Flash - The Road

Of Letum - Fire

Pale Grey Lore - Ruins

Hello Luna - Sound & Sorrow

Playing To Vapors - Shred The Master Design

Devil By Design - Pieces

Mystic Syntax - Dark Matter

Attack Attack! - The Wretched*

Carev Dvor - Praise

Unlabeled - Beacon Of Tomorrow

Sourblood - Overcome


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