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Local Stuff Lineup - 12.4.16

Local Stuff Lineup - 12.4.16

Triad Eternal - Subjugation In Black

Everyone Leaves - Little One

Paper Lung - Liquor Eyes

Sever - Right

Daymare - Leaves

Fur Coat Foxes - Come Together

Creature Comforts - Bend

The New Age - Creature Of Habit

Unlabeled - Savior

Bobaflex - Bad Man*

This Divine Tragedy - Scream

Dread Engine - Coward

Domestic Terror - Eternal Festering Wound

Shores Of Elysium - The Principle Of Succession

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup 11.27.16

Local Stuff Lineup 11.27.16

Ever Burning Bright - No Claim To Innocence

Pale Grey Lore - Life In The Hive

Miller And The Hunks - Stapled Shut

Playing To Vapors - Giant Conspiracy

Roxy Mae - Hometown Hero

Weedhaven Laughing Academy - Glue

Gudger - Chemical Warfare

Mississippi Bones - Larry The Martyr

Cross Solder - All I Need

The Plot In You - My Old Ways*

Consequences - Compelled To Compete

Dream By Night - Spirit

Twenty Second Dimension - Afterlife

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup - 11.13.16

Local Stuff Lineup - 11.13.16

Noise Auction - Safety Dance

MG Flash - Get Gone

Grindhouse - Welcome Home

Hollyview - Orange Zombie Crush 

Personal Public - Stranded

One Pretty Minute - Over Now

Of Human - Shoot From The Hip

To Kill A Monster - Forefathers

We Are The Movies - Always The Rule (Never The Exception)

Starset - Monster*

Sleepers Awake - Burdened

Excuse Me Reality - Control

Bonehead - Xanax

Carev Dvor - Praise

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup - 11.6.16

Local Stuff Lineup - 11.6.16

Absolute Hero - These Tables Turn

Undergrads - Silvertoes

Call Of The Sumac - Valerie

Bad Remedy - Whiskey Running

Dread Engine - Another Lie

3 Piece Suit - The Hunger

Creature Comforts - You're So Scared

Tasty - Lahdeedah

Tar - The Calvinist

Beartooth - Hated*

From Another Planet - Renewed

Silence The Ocean - Machines

I Hope She Dies - Let's Get Weird

Transluce - The Labyrinth

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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Local Stuff Lineup - 10.30.16

Local Stuff Lineup - 10.30.16

Skekzi - X's

Ever Burning Bright - Stay After Me

Auntiem - United We Burn

Unlabeled - American Tragedy

Second Echo - Innocent

Live My Last - My Juliet

Harmless Habit - Underclass

The Dogmatik Method - Trusting Change

Grindhouse - Skeletons

Wolves At The Gate - Asleep*

Mina Murray - Candy Flipper

No Man An Island - Nexus

Alone At Dawn - As Time Grew Around Them

*Bigger Band From Columbus

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