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Loper missed Record Store Day.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Here is the song "My Name Is Loper" by itself.
To kick off Loper and Randi's 6th year at the Blitz, we have a new song just for Loper.
Allegedly, Mel B. (aka Scary Spice) was having an affiar with her nanny before her husband ever joined the fun.
MawMaw was unavailable this morning, but we got this question covered and it's a good one.
It's the Loper & Randi Still Smoking After All These Years Podcast at The Funnybone Coluimbus on Thur April 20th (4/20) with special guests Maw Maw, Frankie, Jessimae, and more! Happy 420! Congrats to Loper & Randi for 5 years on The Blitz!!
We got a visit from Jessimae Peluso in studio this morning before she headlines our party today.
Loper and Randi had Cypress Hill in the studio in Florida and you won't believe what happened...well, yeah you will.
Loper talks about an insane marathon he took part in at an old radio job.
If radio doesn't work out, Randi has a new career at the big red ball.
The entire Loper clan tried a new Chinese Buffet last night.  Knox Loper was most impressed.
Loper went to WWE Raw last night and took 5 year old Makenzie instead of Randi.
We have the top 10 most searched songs on Shazam.  This starts a debate.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
UFC Diva, Alexa Bliss, is a Columbus native and stopped by the show today with RAW in town tonight.
MawMaw is in route to Columbus, so we had to answer this week's question and it is insane.
Easter weekend was big for movies and family drama.
The two oldest mini Lopers are being asked out on dates and Loper and Randi have issues.
Several folks have sworn off dating hot, beautiful people...let's discuss

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