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Randi used to eat high on the hog for free...thanks to expired food shopping.

Check out the most fattening items compiled from all fast food menus.

Justin Bieber is going to get lambasted in the next Comedy Central Roast.

Don't you hate it when you go to great lengths to please someone close to you and they don't care at all?

People go dumpster diving for all kinds of things these days.

We debuted our new game 'Nice Or Nasty' from the Lion's Den and it was an instant hit.

Loper had a situation come up at the BLS concert Saturday night and wants to know if it is cheating?

A story about a woman who has a love affair with a ferris wheel, but cheats with another ferris wheel.

Every time comedian, Bob Marley, stops by, he slays it.  Today was no different. Hilarious!

A local kid admits he made up a whole story about dying that became a best selling book.

Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed joins the show to talk about playing the LC and ROTR.

One Real Housewife of L.A. is suing another for saying that her lady parts stink.

Our very own intern, Alex, got the gas during the Buckeye celebration Monday night on campus.

Former Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by, to talk about the big game and hear the new song.

It's a Loper and Randi exclusive...All About Them Bucks!

Last Comic Standing champ, Rod Man, stops by to crack us up.

Loper gets into a very embarrassing situation thanks to his personal music playlist in his truck.

Damon Martin from FOX Sports stops by to talk about the Buckeyes and the Jon Jones mess.

Pikeville University in Kentucky is now giving away scholarships for gaming.  This topic blows up!

Kelly's News featured a couple great stories and a visit from Helium Theater Man.

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