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We talk video games on Now Loading with Jeremy Duff from GamingNexus.com and Rogue Gaming.

Loper and Randi have naked high school kids running around their neighborhood and in their backyard.

Nuber says Rick Cannon stole his material.  We have all the drama for you.

Check out this awesome mom who goes off on her son for rioting in Baltimore.

It's our 'Now Loading' gaming segment with Jeremy Duff from GamingNexus.com and Rogue Gaming.

Damon Martin from FOX stops by to talk Game of Thrones.

Friday night's Bruce Jenner interview was insane.  We break it down for you.

Loper went to get some things for his garden, but it didn't work out as planned.

Kelly Quinn doing Daffy Duck on helium is one of the funniest things ever!

Where did you get busted having sex?

If you had to pick, would you rather your kid became a Scientologist or a Juggalo?

Reds manager, Bryan Price, went on a tirade full of F bombs, so we made a great game out of it.

Damon Martin from FOX is back to talk Game of Thrones.

We dive into video games with the guys from GamingNexus.com in our new feature called 'Now Loading'. 

A woman claims Disney implanted a chip in her head so they could follow her.  Who is watching you?

An ESPN Reporter got suspended for cussing out a lot attendant because her car was towed.

Tons of people got busted at Coachella for using fake IDs.  Kelly Quinn knows all about this.

Wearing Crocs is another sure way of keeping you desperate for human contact.

Have you, or someone you know, had sex with someone famous?  Let's talk about it.

Flip phones turn girls off.  So does a lot of other stuff.  Guys, pay attention!

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