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Kelly's 3 Things We Need To Know at 9 am provided a lot of fun.
Woke up to the sad news of Charlie Murphy passing away at age 57.
Fear Factor is coming back and it will air on MTV.  Check out the new host.
Loper and Randi are looking for songs to use for the 5 year anniversary party on 4/20.
J. Geils passed away at the age of 71.  We remember the J. Geils band.
Loper and Randi have a talk with the mini Lopers about caring for their new cat.
Do you have neighbors who leave their dog poo in your yard?  Check out how this guy handled it.
Korn has a new substitute bass player and he is only 12 years old.
Randi's 95 year old grandmother from New Orleans gives sex, love, and relationship advice.
United Airlines has a marketing nightmare after dragging a doctor off a plane.
We talk about what went down at Sirens for UFC 210 Saturday night.
The new addition to the Loper family has been decided.  We discuss.
A false Yelp review can get you in trouble.  So can accidental 1 star reviews...as Loper found out.
Comedian, Chris Porter, stops by the show to crack us up.
Loper and Randi have a new addition to the family coming...#cattalk
A Youtube channel called 'Strange Buds' has a guy smoking weed with his Grandma for the first time.
It was an intense game of Egg Roulette today and things got a little heated.
There is all kinds of controversy surrounding the new Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner.
Tony Romo decided to retire and Loper is questioning his manhood.
Mel B is going through crazy drama with her husband...allegations are flying.

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