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Blue Jackets legend, Jody Shelley, stopped by to talk CBJ as they kick off their season tonight.
George Foreman says he wants to fight Steven Seagall any way he wants.
The Vegas shooter appeared to have either planned or tested shooting at other concerts.
Loper looked back at Tom Petty earlier this year and now we remember him.
Damon Martin stops by to talk about the Vegas shooting and cancelled concerts.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Loper talks to Brent from the Haunted Hoorah.
Loper had the greatest burger he ever ate and check out what all was on it.
MawMaw is out today, but Loper and Randi answer a crazy question from a listener.
Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by to talk about Ohio State's game against Rutgers tomorrow.
That hilarious Ragin Cajun, John Morgan, is back on the show and we got something special for him.
We preview and review brand new music that goes on sale today.
Chris Jericho's band, Fozzy, is in town to play tonight and Chris dropped by the show this morning.
This nice couple have been preparing and selling meat for years. People loved it until they found out it was human meat.
A Pop-Up version of The Upside Down did not go over with the Stranger Things execs, but they were incredibly cool about it.
Randi gets a little salty during Egg Roulette.  Must mean she isn't winning.
Wrestling legend, Ric Flair, has had sex with a LOT of women.  More than you can believe.
After everything Loper and Randi have been through, they finally got their washer and dryer.
President Trumped ripped into the NFL due to players protesting during the national anthem.

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