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Some social networks cause narcissism more than others.  We break it down.
We talk about this weekends huge UFC 210 card and how you can watch it with us.
We discuss the season finale of The Walking Dead.
MawMaw was unavailable this morning, but we got this question covered and it's a good one.
Lots of people like to eat a grilled cheese sandwich in their own special way.
We talk bucket lists and it turns into a crazy doplhin conversation.
VP Mike Pence and his wife will not have dinner without each other anywhere that serves alcohol.
So it's time to let the guys do the twerking...all the way to the Range.
Randi's foot creeper now would like to buy more than just Randi's shoes.
The Rock and Vin Diesel do not like each other which makes working together difficult.
Aunt Viv is full of all kinds of drama when it comes to a Fresh Prince reunion.
Not interested in Beauty in the Beast? Try Loper and Randi's movie.
Be safe and prepared with the new Loper and Randi Spring Break Guide.
We have a survey about how often people watch certain things. We definitely are not all alike.
Have you seen the new Chappelle show on Netflix? Opinions vary.
Tyga, the rapper, talked about the three things his 3 year old loves.  This is absurd.
Randi got a new email from across the pond about buying her stanky shoes. Blitz nation weighs in.
Damon Martin from FOX stops by to talk about the Walking Dead.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Loper and Randi were offered money for a personal item.  Your thoughts?

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