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Randi's snoring mother, Robin, joins us in place of MawMaw this morning.
A guy who remained in Miami completely schools a FOX News reporter on what the hurricane is really doing.
Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by to talk about Ohio State's big game against Oklahoma.
We preview and review brand new music that goes on sale today.
At Miami U, when you cause a turnover in a football game, you get bling.  It's not the same in Tennessee.
The story of Ezekiel Elliott and his ex-girlfriend here in C-Bus is getting pretty crazy.
Comedian, Roy Wood Jr., stops by the show to crack us up.
We preview and review brand new music that goes on sale today.
Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, is back for another Buckeye season....time to talk about the first game.
Check out what the jerks from the Texas Rangers did instead of helping out Houston.
Damon Martin is in to talk about the new season of Game of Thrones.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Little Knox Loper started playing Tee Ball and he has his own rules on the field.
Kelly Quinn left the fight party early and this caused her to miss her favorite artist.
There were quite a few celebs at the fight, but also some really rich unknowns.
We look back at the great fight that happened Saturday night.
Bobaflex sticks around for New Music Friday as we preview new music coming out today.
Bobaflex stops by the show before their big album release party tonight at the Newport.
Loper makes his pick for the big fight tomorrow night.
Jeff from Meyers Jewelers stops by to talk about this amazing jewelery sale as well as the big fight.

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