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We preview and review brand new music that goes on sale today.
Chris Jericho's band, Fozzy, is in town to play tonight and Chris dropped by the show this morning.
This nice couple have been preparing and selling meat for years. People loved it until they found out it was human meat.
A Pop-Up version of The Upside Down did not go over with the Stranger Things execs, but they were incredibly cool about it.
Randi gets a little salty during Egg Roulette.  Must mean she isn't winning.
Wrestling legend, Ric Flair, has had sex with a LOT of women.  More than you can believe.
After everything Loper and Randi have been through, they finally got their washer and dryer.
President Trumped ripped into the NFL due to players protesting during the national anthem.
We preview and review brand new music that goes on sale today.
UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, calls in to confirm a major announcement.
Comedian and actor, John Henton, stops by the show. You may remember him as Overton on Single Living.
Randi's feet are back on social media and the foot fetish guys are drooling.
Loper and Randi went to see the movie "It" last night and have a review....no spoilers.
Roseanne is coming back to TV, but a new character is causing some outrage.
Kevin Hart massed up, but he has a plan how to make things right.
Loper talks to Vic from the Ohio Reformatory about Blood Prison this Halloween.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
We got a company email about someone stealing some stuff.
MawMaw is out today, but Loper and Randi answer a man who isn't sure if he did something very wrong.

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