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On this, the 25th Anniversary of the Blitz, we talk to Hal Fish, who invented the Blitz..
We talk about brand new music coming out today and play some samples.
Remember when you learned to ride a bike.  Remember the crashes? The blood? The pain?
The perfect movie for this week on Helium Theater.
Could Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue become a judge on American Idol?
A7X is in a battle with their former record company and they have a brand new Spanish song.
Randi breaks out into song in Dublin and gets quite a reaction.
Time for another Lopey Lookback.  This time it's a hot girl from the 90s.
We talk about brand new music coming out today and play some samples.
MMA Fighter, Matt Mitrione, joins the show ahead of his Bellator fight.
Comedian, Steve Trevino, stopped by the show this morning.
We talk to 5 year old Millie and her mom about the battles she has had and the help she has gotten at Children's Hospital.
Randi is back with a new load of Craigslist ads reminding us how crazy our city is.
The feud between Nickelback and Corey Taylor continues as Corey fires back.
Local MMA fighter, Dan 'Dragon' Spohn stops by to talk about his upcoming battle.
Makenzie Loper came in this morning and saw quite an animal sight on the way.
If you always wanted to know why guys cheat, we have the answer.
A listener wrote in asking what the issue is with girls calling guys "Daddy" during sex.
Chad Kroeger from Nickelback has called out Corey Taylor.
A former MMA fighter has passed away after a fight with a hockey player.

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