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Gisele gave Tom Brady a gift to protect him and Loper is convinced he is now jinxed.
The Scientology world is currently being turned upside down by former star members.
Porn has changed quite a bit over the years.  Do you prefer it today compared to the past?
Sold out for Groundhog Day and Halestorm covers Whitesnake.
It's Now Loading by Mt. Dew Kickstart...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming.
I friend of Randi's family was killed by a drunk driver and the friend's mother is now stalking the driver.
When your kid wanted to play with you, which toy did you hope you were going to play with?
Wrestling icon, Kurt Angle, called in to the show to talk about what he has been up to.
People are getting botox more and more and at much younger ages.
We found out today that getting naked in public will make you very happy.
Comedian, Ben Bailey, of 'Cash Cab' fame, stops by the show with some great stories.
We talked about a new term called "Bread Crumber" and somehow ended up with a dating game.
We ask what day you need a vacation day after, and we find out more than we bargained for.
Randi is back to dominate Loper with new Lion's Den toys while you win Saxapalooza tickets.
UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, went skiing for the first time.  He loved it.  Loper is still not having it.
Randi goes dominatrix on Loper with items from the Lion's Den and you win Sexapalooza tickets from his pain.
A D.C. taxi driver gets a big surprise from John Elway and a suspension on Saturday Night Live.
It's Now Loading by Mt. Dew Kickstart...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming.
A mom in Reynoldsburg taped her child to the wall and saw nothing wrong with it.
Comedian, Steve Byrne, stops by with a great Trump impression.

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