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Was your dad a player back in the day?  We found out one famous dad was and then a listener tells us about her dad.
MawMaw was unavailable this morning, but we got this question covered and it's a good one.
Comedian, Mark Normand, stops by to hang out and do some news with us.
A guy on Youtube is fed up with strangers always touching his baby.  He isn't alone.
It's Revenge of the Fifth with a Star Wars spelling bee contest.
A listener got offended by a joke....a friggin joke.  Loper refused to apologize.
Today's edition of Helium Theater in honor of Star Wars Day.
A very popular Youtube family has lost their kids due to abuse.  No, it's not the Lopers.
Trying to get stuff done at the new house is hard with Randi running around in her underwear.
Loper had a run in with a fox family in the new hood.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Comedian and actor, Steve Rannazzisi, stops by the show to crack us up.
Having a baby?  Just got fired?  What's next?  Get a massage!
10 concerts?  Which one did I not attend?  Randi is not having it!
Went to see Makenzie's new school and one parent made us outraged.
Thick Rick came over to see the new house and he finally got one over on Randi.
A very funny edition of Helium Theater today.
Loper tried to get Randi into the bath tub at the new house, but there was a problem.
You can learn all sorts of things at the hair salon.  Randi found out some stuff during her recent visit.
Randi's dad, Sonny Razar, is glad they left Florida, but he isn't a fan of 4-20.

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