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We talk about our favorite concerts and yours.
We found another great character on social media. Check out Polobear on Instagram!
Rumor has it Khloe Kardashian has a sex tape. Do you have one? Are you positive?
Sadly, we have lost another great rock n roll musician. This time it's Glenn Frey of the Eagles.
It's Now Loading...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming and GamingNexus.com.
Manwipes and Nadkins are growing in popularity.  Have you made the switch?

Maw Maw Monday returns with Randi's 94 year old grandmother giving sex and love advice.
Comedian, Bob Marley, joins the show today with a hilarious story about his family in Maine.
Apparently, a lot of single people are hooking up at the gym.  What about you?
WWE Superstar, D-Vonn Dudley, joins the show as we get set for WWE Raw this Monday.
Little Makenzie Loper found a new way to entertain herself.  But she is driving everyone crazy!
Our favorite apartment fire reporter is back and this time she is auto-tuned...HILARIOUS!
We get into a crazy discussion about WWE Raw which comes to town Monday night.
David Bowie left this earth, but left behind a brand new telling album as his swan song.
A woman from Tulsa may be the next Youtube star after her report on an apartment fire.
Sadly, David Bowie passed away over the weekend.  Where does his legacy rank?
Loper almost got in a fist fight at Disney World because someone called his grandmother the B word.
Loper went to buy a birthday cake and we have the audio from his periscope.  Check this out!
Dogs swallow some crazy stuff.  What has your dog swallowed?
Crazy fighting and bullying over land in Oregon has Randi angry.

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