Local Stuff Lineup 2.12.17

Local Stuff Lineup 2.12.17

Come Wind - Clarity

Graceful Closure - Chasing Fears

Conversion Delay - Blink Of An Eye

The Scratches - Land Mines

Of Letum - Fire

Tasty - Lahdeedah

Movehome - Palaver

Mithridium - My Fingers Shall Fail Me

Skekzi - Xs

Goodbye Blue Skies (ft. Garret Rapp) - Hypnophobia*

Unlabeled - Tides Of Time

Prosper - Ascendance

Sourblood - Eternal Confusion

Asylum Effect - Bonsai

*Bigger Band From Columbus

Guy Play Guitar, Drums, and Sings SIMULTANEOUSLY W...
Metal Shop Lineup - 2.12.17