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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Who Wants To Live Forever?

According to Science Mag, researchers are working on injecting old or sick patients with young blood in order to reverse the aging process. They've had success with these tests on lab rats, and now scientists are branching out into human trials. If you're over 35 years old and willing to pay $8,000, you can join enroll to be one of the human subjects in the immortality tests. Check out the full article here!

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Manson In Hot water

Manson In Hot water

This past Sunday Marilyn Manson returned to his tour after his onstage injury back in September. He arrived on stage in  wheelchair wearing a medical boot for his leg and hospital gown. His wheelchair was pushed around by someone wearing a nurse outfit to add to the bit. All of this is fairly normal for a Manson show, however what has him in hot water is the fact that his microphone was mounted to a fake assault rifle where the scope would usually be, meaning while he sang, the gun was pointed at the audience. This took place in San Bernadino, the same city that recently had a terror attack back in 2015. Check out the video at TMZ to see for yourself!

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New Music Friday!

New Music Friday!

​Check out these new albums, fresh out today!

Grace VanderWaal - Just the Beginning 

Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues 

Anti-Flag - American Fall

Blake Shelton - Texoma Shore 

Sam Smith - The Thrill of it All

Annihilator - For the Demented

Chris Brown - Heartbreak on a Full Moon

Kid Rock - Sweet Southern Sugar

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Halloween Scream Stream!

Halloween Scream Stream!

​On the show today we had Damon Martin from Nerdcore Movement giving us their picks for the top 10 picks for Halloween movies streaming right now. Be sure to start the horror binge now and head over to nerdcoremovement.com to see the full list! Happy Halloween!

Image Credit: Pixabay - Alexas_Fotos

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New Music Friday!

New Music Friday!

Check out these new albums just released today!

10 Years - How to Live as Ghosts

Yelawolf - Trial by Fire

Hollywood Undead - Five

Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Powerman 5000 - New Wave

Yo Gotti - I Still Am

Theory of a Deadman - Wake Up Call

Weezer - Pacific Daydream

Bootsy Collins - World Wide Funk

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