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Who the Hell is Hagar?!

Who the Hell is Hagar?!

They told me to write a blog post...this was the best I could do...

What's up y'all my name is Hagar and I'm the new guy! I'm fresh out of college and ready to rock with anyone who is willing to listen. I'm always good for a conversation about video games, hockey or the walking dead. I love punk, grunge and 80s hair metal, and to be honest that's about as interesting as I get! You'll hear me mostly overnight during the week, here and there on the weekends and pretty much whenever else the big wigs upstairs tell me to. I promise to have more interesting content from now on, but to be honest, it was a slow news day...

In return for your time, here's a picture of me crushing some little kid's high score in a NASCAR simulator... (Disclaimer: making little kids cry is a skill I learned entirely from Nuber.)

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