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Thursday December 07
Taking things up a notch with this one 😵😵‍💫 Green Day has released "Dilemma," another preview to their upcoming album…
Tuesday December 05
77 year old Sly Stallone went back to the steps that made him a household name. He spoke to a…
Monday December 04
And fans are going batshit for the return of Sam Carters' "blegh" noises \m/\m/Architects have released a new single, and announced…
Saturday December 02
Ghost's new '13 Commandments' compilation includes "Zenith" a b-side from the 'Meliora' vinyl release, which was previously unavailable on streaming…
Thursday November 30
 41 Years ago Michael Jackson released his iconic Thriller album. At the time, there wasn't much crossover between rock and…
Thursday November 30
Judas Priest just released the video for "Trial By Fire." It's the second single from their next studio album, 'Invincible…
Tuesday November 28
Police in Evansville, IN said a man stopped to use a porta potty, at a car dealership, last Sunday. He was…
Tuesday November 28
Shinedown just posted a video called "The Library Sessions" to help raise money for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.It's…
by Tess 
Monday November 27
 The life of a WWE Superstar is not an easy one. Most of them don't live to a ripe old…
Friday November 24
'I Stand Alone: The Sully Erna Story" is the new documentary on Godsmack vocalist/guitarist Sully Erna that has been released…
Thursday November 16
  You may remember when Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn taught us a little something bout crashing weddings. They did…
Thursday November 16
Leigh Kakaty from Pop Evil and Ronni Hunter catch up before the "Flesh & Bone" Tour rolls into the Bluestone…
Wednesday November 15
A small, family-owned restaurant in Toronto has started offering free meals to anybody who needs one. It's a place called…
Wednesday November 15
Nirvana was a band that I did not appreciate until after their time had passed. 
Tuesday November 14
If were being honest, Maynard James Keenan is a different kind of dude. 
Monday November 13
Let's delve into the drama history of Creed. 
Thursday November 09
WWE Smackdown comes to Columbus on Friday and Lewis caught up with Drew Mcintyre!
Wednesday November 08
Dude was holding up a sign during the show...Wolf asked "You Play Guitar?"...Dude said "Hell Yes"...Wolf says "Come On Up…
Sunday November 05
Possibly some backtracking by the band? Not sure. The original post has been taken down. I'll be over here with…
Sunday November 05
The pizza memes for "Last Resort" have been epic! Now here comes the real thing from Papa Roach! In fact,…
Thursday November 02
Just Released, the deluxe paperback edition further showcases Dave's love of writing, but also his appreciation for his fans, offering…
Thursday November 02
Avatar have announced a new vinyl version of their 'Dance Devil Dance' album filled with red liquid, making it look…
Thursday November 02
Godsmack are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 4x multi-platinum self-titled debut album with a new orange vinyl pressing. A…
Tuesday October 31
Today, Mick Mars has presented the lead single from his solo debut titled 'THE OTHER SIDE OF MARS'  which will…
Monday October 30
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! YES! (Watch yer' volume - Unedited) 

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