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  • 8-1-19 Loper & Randi FULL SHOW
    Thursday, 01 August 2019  
    We are now podcasting our full show everyday.  Today we talked about the cat's first day home, Randi took little Makenzie Loper to see Youtube superstar, JoJo Siwah at the Schott, Joe Biden's son keeps getting married to the strangest people, we play Helium Theater, and it all wraps up with Randi's Rear End.
  • 7-31-19 Our Cat Arrives
    Length: 08:55 Wednesday, 31 July 2019  
    Our new cat, Gwen Catfani, was delivered to us live on the air this morning.
  • 7-31-19 Egg Roulette
    Length: 06:05 Wednesday, 31 July 2019  
    Kelly defends her title in the most competitive game on all of radio.
  • 7-30-19 Our New Cat Song
    Length: 04:46 Wednesday, 31 July 2019  
    In honor or Loper and Randi getting a cat, we have a new song.
  • 7-30-19 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 08:25 Tuesday, 30 July 2019  
    Loper defends his title in today's edition of Treadmill Trivia.
  • 7-30-19 Steve-O Hacked And Nightrain
    Length: 05:51 Tuesday, 30 July 2019  
    Steve-O got hacked badly and we celebrate Nightrain by Guns N Roses.
  • 7-30-19 Mastering Your Passion
    Length: 15:05 Tuesday, 30 July 2019  
    Many people need motivation for everything.  How do you truly master your passion?
  • 7-30-19 Things People Lie About
    Length: 05:56 Tuesday, 30 July 2019  
    These are the top 10 things people lie about when they first get into a new relationship.
  • 7-30-19 J-Lo Never Drove Before
    Length: 06:15 Tuesday, 30 July 2019  
    Jennifer Lopez got a new car for her birthday, but she doesn't drive and never has.
  • 7-29-19 Loper Takes Daughter To Khalid Concert
    Length: 15:07 Monday, 29 July 2019  
    Loper took his 14 year old daughter to see hip hop artist, Khalid and you can hear her sing the whole show.
  • 7-29-19 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 09:49 Monday, 29 July 2019  
    Did he cheat? Did it matter? A listener needs advice on MawMaw Monday.
  • 7-29-19 Match Game
    Length: 09:12 Monday, 29 July 2019  
    We play Match Game for tickets to the Ohio State Fair.
  • 7-29-19 Winning $3 Million Playing Fortnite
    Length: 08:33 Monday, 29 July 2019  
    A 16 year old kid won $3 million playing in a Fortnite tournament.  What would you do with the money at 16?
  • 7-29-19 Powerball Winners At UGNO
    Length: 06:50 Monday, 29 July 2019  
    During UGNO at Sirens, two of our winners that attended were actual Powerball winners.
  • 7-26-19 Warning To Females About Heat
    Length: 05:20 Friday, 26 July 2019  
    There is a new warning out today for females about the hot weather.
  • 7-26-19 Dirty Minds Game
    Length: 08:52 Friday, 26 July 2019  
    We play a game of Dirty Minds for tickets to see Five Finger Death Punch.
  • 7-26-19 John Heffron
    Length: 12:04 Friday, 26 July 2019  
    Comedian, John Heffron, joins us in studio today ahead of his weekend at the Funnybone.
  • 7-26-19 Dirty Irish Toilet
    Length: 03:26 Friday, 26 July 2019  
    Randi got so excited about the bathroom in Ireland until she lifted up the toilet seat.
  • 7-26-19 Thick Rick's New Shirt
    Length: 02:59 Friday, 26 July 2019  
    Since the shirt Loper and Randi gave Rick from Ireland didn't fit, they got him a Kesha shirt.
  • 7-25-19 Helium Theater
    Length: 07:47 Thursday, 25 July 2019  
    Helium Theater man is in a very rare and perverse form today.  Well maybe it's not so rare.