Alexa, Play The Blitz!

Alexa, Play The Blitz!

The Official Blitz Alexa Skill is now available for your Amazon smart speaker device! Just enable the skill and say "Alexa, Play The Blitz!" 

Are you getting one of those Amazon Echo devices this year for Christmas? The first skill you need to enable is The Blitz official Alexa Skill in your Alexa App! Then all you have to do is say "Alexa. Play The Blitz!" and Alexa will load up the audio stream for you and you'll be rocking around the Christmas Tree! 

The Blitz Alexa Skill works with Amazon Echo Devices, including Echo (1st and 2nd Generation) , Echo Dot, & Echo Show.

To enable the skill in your Alexa App, just click the menu and select "Skills" and enter "The Blitz" in the search field. Click on the skill and click the "Enable Skill" button! Then say "Alexa, Play The Blitz!"

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