Choose It or Lose it Madness


 Choose It Or Lose It Madness powered by Timeless Ink in ON with Tess on The Blitz! Who will be the "All Time Greatest Choose It Champ"

Past Choose It Or Lose It champs will compete for the title of "All Time Greatest Choose It Champ" with your votes determining the winner! Plus, if you vote and retweet the polls, you could win our grand prize of a $100 gift card for Timeless Ink Tattoo Studio! It's "Choose It Or Lose It Madness" going on now at 8:20pm on Your Rock Station, 99.7 The Blitz!

Don't forget to "retweet" the polls for you chance to win the Timeless Ink Gift Card!  

​Check out the bracket below to keep up with the tournament! 

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Choose it or Lose it Madness