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  • 1-3-19 Mayweather Fights Again
    Length: 04:56 Thursday, 03 January 2019  
    Floyd Mayweather had a holiday fight in Japan.  Talk about easy work.
  • 1-2-19 Florida Resort Chair Wars
    Length: 10:57 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    Loper and Randi got into a chair war at a resort in Florida last week.
  • 1-2-19 Randi's New Bro Bag
    Length: 05:36 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    Loper feels vindicated now that Randi got her own Bro Bag for Christmas.
  • 1-2-19 Bodybuilder Stabs Girl In Face Before Dying
    Length: 09:57 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    A bodybuilder had a mental breakdown and stabbed a girl he met on Tinder while his parents were trying to have him committed.
  • 1-2-19 Egg Roulette
    Length: 23:00 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    The first Egg Roulette of the year got pretty competitive.  We had to extend it.
  • 12-20-18 Bobaflex Plays Live
    Length: 15:09 Thursday, 20 December 2018  
    Bobaflex came in this morning and played live before their show at Al Rosa this Saturday.
  • 12-20-18 Browns Coaching Rumors
    Length: 05:08 Thursday, 20 December 2018  
    Rumors are flying about who will be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Could be an SEC coach.
  • 12-20-18 Kelly's Catsup Obsession
    Length: 08:45 Thursday, 20 December 2018  
    We found out today that Kelly is obsessed with catsup and puts it on EVERYTHING.
  • 12-19-18 Christmas Egg Roulette
    Length: 14:16 Wednesday, 19 December 2018  
    Egg Roulette featured Christmas trivia and we didn't get very far but it sure was funny.
  • 12-19-18 Randi's New Bingo Addiction
    Length: 08:18 Wednesday, 19 December 2018  
    Randi went and played Bingo in Reynoldsburg and Loper may have a financial issue now.
  • 12-19-18 Aaron Lewis Rips A Heckler
    Length: 08:40 Wednesday, 19 December 2018  
    Aaaron Lewis from Staind rips into a heckler at his concert.
  • 12-19-18 Drinkin' On A Cruise
    Length: 09:25 Wednesday, 19 December 2018  
    A man goes on a cruise and falls to his death which starts a discussion about drinking on a cruise.
  • 12-18-18 The Loper Mouse Is Back
    Length: 09:27 Tuesday, 18 December 2018  
    The mouse that Loper and Randi got rid of left behind friends or family members and they got destructive.
  • 12-18-18 Carlton Suing Fortnite and NBA2K
    Length: 07:53 Tuesday, 18 December 2018  
    The guy that plays Carlton on Fresh Prince is suing Fortnite and NBA2K for stealing his legendary dance moves.
  • 12-18-18 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 12:02 Tuesday, 18 December 2018  
    We throw in some Christmas music today as Loper goes for a threepeat.
  • 12-18-18 Jeff From Meyers Jewelers
    Length: 17:10 Tuesday, 18 December 2018  
    If you are looking at buying a piece of jewelery as a gift, Jeff from Meyers Jewelers is in dropping diamond knowledge.
  • 12-18-18 Pete Davidson Getting Help
    Length: 08:24 Tuesday, 18 December 2018  
    Saturday Night Live is getting Pete Davison some psycological help before things go very bad.
  • 12-17-18 Little Blitzie Santa Hotline
    Length: 05:28 Monday, 17 December 2018  
    We set up a Santa Hotline for the little Blitzies to call. These are very entertaining.
  • 12-17-18 Tommy Lee and Holiday Reconciliation
    Length: 10:13 Monday, 17 December 2018  
    Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, reconciled with his son over the weekend.  Other people are doing it, some are not.
  • 12-17-18 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 12:55 Monday, 17 December 2018  
    A Blitz listener's girlfriend came back from a cruise with her friends and things had changed.  He need advice.

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