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  • 4-16-19 Lopers Forgot Their Son's Concert
    Length: 06:56 Tuesday, 16 April 2019  
    Little Knox Loper was singing in his kindergarten concert and mom and dad forgot and missed it.
  • 4-16-19 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 08:34 Tuesday, 16 April 2019  
    Kelly defends her title on today's edition of Treadmill Trivia.
  • 4-16-19 Matt Brown On The Show
    Length: 10:27 Tuesday, 16 April 2019  
    UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, stops by and takes questions from listeners.
  • 4-16-19 Tiger Woods And His Hair
    Length: 05:47 Tuesday, 16 April 2019  
    Tiger Woods is back, but his hair is not.  In fact, it has some real issues.
  • 4-16-19 Notre Dame Burns Down
    Length: 11:21 Tuesday, 16 April 2019  
    Notre Dame Cathedral has burnt down, but Shep Smith doesn't want to hear about any conspiracies.
  • 4-15-19 Craziest Place To Roll One Up
    Length: 09:58 Monday, 15 April 2019  
    Rihanna rolled a joint on top of a bald guy's head.  Where did you roll one that was crazy?
  • 4-15-19 Your Disgusting Beard
    Length: 03:29 Monday, 15 April 2019  
    We found out that men's beards are full of more crap than a dog's fur.
  • 4-15-19 Weekend Wins and Fails
    Length: 15:54 Monday, 15 April 2019  
    Listeners call and text in with their big win or fail from the weekend.  Most are fails.
  • 4-15-19 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 07:11 Monday, 15 April 2019  
    One of our listeners is jealous of his dad because his dad gets younger prettier girls than he does.
  • 4-15-19 Long Live Rock Documentrary
    Length: 07:53 Monday, 15 April 2019  
    There is a new documentary about Rock on the Range coming out.  We get all the details from the producer.
  • 4-12-19 New Music Friday
    Length: 28:53 Friday, 12 April 2019  
    We play and critique all the new music coming out today.
  • 4-12-19 Kids And Siblings And fighting
    Length: 05:17 Friday, 12 April 2019  
    Kids and their siblings will get into fights. We all did. Sometimes it got ugly.
  • 4-12-19 Loper Lost A Great Radio Friend
    Length: 07:55 Friday, 12 April 2019  
    Loper's friend and radio mentor passed this week. Loper remembers what a great man he was.
  • 4-11-19 Loper's Ancestry Update
    Length: 09:09 Thursday, 11 April 2019  
    Loper got an update on his DNA from ancestry.com and he is not as Irish as he thought.
  • 4-11-19 Mini Lopers Doing Sports And Music
    Length: 08:24 Thursday, 11 April 2019  
    Guitar lessons, sports, and all that stuff that kids are into can keep you cold and miserable or warm and happy.
  • 4-11-19 Domestic Fight Over Chicken
    Length: 04:25 Thursday, 11 April 2019  
    You have to be careful not to buy the wrong chicken for dinner or the police come, arrests happen, and possibly divorce.
  • 4-11-19 New Gillette Campaign
    Length: 10:40 Thursday, 11 April 2019  
    Gillette is running a new campaign that features an obese girl in a bikini.
  • 4-10-19 Uber And Lyft Puke Scam
    Length: 03:41 Wednesday, 10 April 2019  
    Some Uber and Lyft drivers have been trying to fine customers for puking in their vehicles when they really didn't.
  • 4-10-19 Slut Bot
    Length: 04:15 Wednesday, 10 April 2019  
    If you need lessons in sexting, there is a robot for that.
  • 4-10-19 Old Town Road Remix
    Length: 03:57 Wednesday, 10 April 2019  
    Billy Ray Cyrus did a remix on Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and the song is back on the country charts.

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