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Meryl Streep takes unfair shots at the NFL and MMA.
Mike Tyson has agreed to train Chris Brown for a fight with Soulja Boy.
Scientists have discovered a new organ in the body.  Loper discovered his own.
It's Now Loading by Mt. Dew Kickstart...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming.
An opposing coach yelled something at a mini Loper and Daddy Loper was not happy about it.
Loper loves to tempt fate by continuing to drive with low fuel light on.
Randi unknowingly insulted her pizza guy, but he knew it.  One of the mini Lopers calls in to  talk about it.
Comedian, Josh Blue, stops by to crack us up.
Loper and Randi had to deal with 'Chair Wars' on vacation in Florida.
Adam, the drummer from Starset, stops by to talk about the band, the new album, and touring.
Loper got Randi this crazy foot treatment for Christmas and it caused something gross to happen.
Ed Kowalczyk from Live calls in with huge news about the band.
Ronda Rousey's return to the octagon did not go well.  And it only lasted 48 seconds.
It's Now Loading by Mt. Dew Kickstart...we're talking games with Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming and GamingNexus.com.

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