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  • 4-10-19 Egg Roulette
    Length: 07:56 Wednesday, 10 April 2019  
    Kelly Quinn defends her title today in the most competitive game on all of radio.
  • 4-10-19 Magic Johnson Resigns
    Length: 08:07 Wednesday, 10 April 2019  
    Magic Johnson resigned as the president of the LA Lakers yesterday and no one knew it was coming.
  • 4-9-19 Loper's Cat Update
    Length: 06:46 Tuesday, 09 April 2019  
    Loper may finally be zeroing in on a cat...or a dog...or maybe not.
  • 4-9-19 Stuck In A Sex Drought
    Length: 08:43 Tuesday, 09 April 2019  
    Over a fourth of Americans are stuck in a sex dry spell.
  • 4-9-19 Come Back As Opposite Sex
    Length: 05:18 Tuesday, 09 April 2019  
    If you could live life over again, would you want to come back as the opposite sex?
  • 4-9-19 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 10:24 Tuesday, 09 April 2019  
    We are giving away Louder Than Life tickets today as Randi defends her title.
  • 4-8-19 Google If Santa Is Real
    Length: 07:32 Monday, 08 April 2019  
    What do you do when your kid is having doubts and wants to Google if Santa is real or not?
  • 4-8-19 Kids And Birthday Parties
    Length: 10:04 Monday, 08 April 2019  
    When you have a lot of kids, you deal with a lot of birthday parties.  Things happen.
  • 4-8-19 Great Summer Jobs
    Length: 05:02 Monday, 08 April 2019  
    Did you ever had a great summer job?  Randi had a good one...even got her toes sucked.
  • 4-8-19 Louder Than Life Announcement
    Length: 06:44 Monday, 08 April 2019  
    This morning we announced the full lineup for the Louder Than Life Festival.
  • 4-8-19 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 10:31 Monday, 08 April 2019  
    A listener thinks his wife has an agenda with another man. It's a strange scenario.
  • 4-5-19 Today In Music History
    Length: 07:52 Friday, 05 April 2019  
    Today was a crazy day in music history.  We cover it all.
  • 4-5-19 Loper Sucks At Getting At A Pet
    Length: 07:09 Friday, 05 April 2019  
    Loper just cannot seem to figure out how to buy the pet he wants...or what pet he wants.
  • 4-5-19 The Royal Family vs Fortnite
    Length: 03:14 Friday, 05 April 2019  
    Prince Harry is extremely upset with Fortnite and wants it to be banned.
  • 4-5-19 GnR At Louder Than Life
    Length: 12:34 Friday, 05 April 2019  
    Louder Than Life has announced that Guns N Roses will be a headliner for this year's festival.
  • 4-5-19 New Music Friday
    Length: 27:26 Friday, 05 April 2019  
    We play and critique all the new music coming out today.
  • 4-4-19 Matt Brown Talks UFC and Conor
    Length: 17:30 Thursday, 04 April 2019  
    UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, stops by to talk about the UFC and all the trash talk from Conor McGregor.
  • 4-4-19 Billy Ray Cyrus and Old Town Road
    Length: 09:03 Thursday, 04 April 2019  
    Billy Ray Cyrus is throwing his support to Lil Nas X and his Old Town Road country song.Billy Ray Cyrus is throwing his support to Lil Nas X and his Old Town Road country song.
  • 4-4-19 Joe Biden Wants To Touch
    Length: 03:54 Thursday, 04 April 2019  
    We have a brand new original song just for Joe Biden.
  • 4-4-19 Conor Talks Trash To Khabib
    Length: 07:51 Thursday, 04 April 2019  
    Conor McGregor doesn't sound like he is retired based on his trash talking to Khabib.

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