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  • 12-7-18 Heavy Song from XXXTentacion
    Length: 04:53 Friday, 07 December 2018  
    The late XXXTentacion had a new album come out today and he has a pretty heavy song on it with Kanye West.
  • 12-7-18 New Music Friday
    Length: 33:02 Friday, 07 December 2018  
    We listen to and critique all the new music coming out today.
  • 12-7-18 True Secret Santa Wishes
    Length: 05:49 Friday, 07 December 2018  
    Apparently people are sick of the Secret Santa gifts they receive and they are going to tell you what they really want.
  • 12-6-18 The 3 Things You Absolutely Must Know
    Length: 06:41 Thursday, 06 December 2018  
    Kelly Quinn's news is all about tampons, bacon, and a torn rectum.
  • 12-6-18 Gift Giving Troubles
    Length: 07:33 Thursday, 06 December 2018  
    Lots of people struggle figuring out what gifts to buy people.  Randi has all the answers.
  • 12-6-18 Fortnite Dance Ripoff
    Length: 03:50 Thursday, 06 December 2018  
    One of the Fortnite dances that you buy was allegedly ripped off.
  • 12-6-18 Cardi B and Offset Broke Up
    Length: 09:33 Thursday, 06 December 2018  
    Cardi B and Offset have split up and the one they call Summer Bunni that caused it speaks out.
  • 12-5-18 A Very Large Vince Neil
    Length: 05:05 Wednesday, 05 December 2018  
    Have you seen Vince Neil of Motley Crue lately? You wouldn't even recognize him.
  • 12-5-18 Urban Retirement Press Conference
    Length: 07:39 Wednesday, 05 December 2018  
    We talk about the retirement of Urban Meyer.  But he isn't going anywhere.
  • 12-5-18 Egg Roulette
    Length: 09:41 Wednesday, 05 December 2018  
    Randi defends her crown in Egg Roulette today and priomises not to get upset.
  • 12-5-18 Dr. Nanda Hair Restoration
    Length: 10:24 Wednesday, 05 December 2018  
    Dr. Nanda of Grandview Aesthetic Center is back to talk about making people beautiful.  This time we focus on hair.
  • 12-4-18 Christmas Fights and Saving Griswold
    Tuesday, 04 December 2018  
    Couples be fightin about Christmas while one guy tries to save a fake Clark Griswold.
  • 12-4-18 Urban Meyer To Retire
    Length: 13:02 Tuesday, 04 December 2018  
    We find out during the show that Urban Meyer is going to retire.  Jeff Logan calls in to discuss.
  • 12-4-18 Dirty Minds
    Length: 09:14 Tuesday, 04 December 2018  
    We play a round of Dirty Minds for a chance to join Loper for UGNO.
  • 12-4-18 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 09:08 Tuesday, 04 December 2018  
    Treadmill Trivia returns after a opne week break and Randi goes for a threepeat.
  • 12-3-18 Wrestling Mom Returns
    Length: 10:30 Monday, 03 December 2018  
    Wrestling season is back and that means Randi is back at her sons events screaming her head off.
  • 12-3-18 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 15:52 Monday, 03 December 2018  
    Time for sex, love, and relationship advice. A listener has a great question about a date.
  • 12-3-18 Loper Recaps Fury vs Wilder
    Length: 06:59 Monday, 03 December 2018  
    Loper breaks down Saturday's fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.
  • 11-30-18 Loper Breaks Down Fury Wilder
    Length: 04:16 Friday, 30 November 2018  
    Loper breaks down the WBC Heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.
  • 11-30-18 Jeff Logan Buckeye Preview
    Length: 25:25 Friday, 30 November 2018  
    Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, is in to talk about last week's win over Michigan and the Big 10 Title game.

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