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  • 5-10-19 New Music Friday
    Length: 23:39 Friday, 10 May 2019  
    We play and critique all the new music coming out today.
  • 5-10-19 Bad Neighbor Problems
    Length: 07:29 Friday, 10 May 2019  
    One guy is going to lose his home over the length of his lawn.  What problem do you have with your neighbors?
  • 5-10-19 Thick's New Neighbor Issue
    Length: 03:50 Friday, 10 May 2019  
    Check out the shenanigans going on with the neighbors across the street from Thick Rick.
  • 5-10-19 Mr. Parent's Basement Entries
    Length: 11:46 Friday, 10 May 2019  
    Loper and Randi read some of the entries we have received so far in the Mr. Parent's Basement contest.
  • 5-10-19 Local Fighter Taylor Adair
    Length: 08:11 Friday, 10 May 2019  
    We have Taylor Adair on and he is a local fighter from Delaware who is fighting at Express Live tonight.
  • 5-9-19 Dirty Minds
    Length: 09:49 Thursday, 09 May 2019  
    Randi gets her sexy voice on for a round of Dirty Minds.
  • 5-9-19 Alcohol Consumption Is Growing
    Length: 09:19 Thursday, 09 May 2019  
    People are getting their drink on as alcohol consumption continues to grow.
  • 5-9-19 Helium Theater
    Length: 06:06 Thursday, 09 May 2019  
    Helium Theater man is in his usual ornery mode. Can you guess today's movie?
  • 5-9-19 Mushrooms Legal In Denver
    Length: 07:45 Thursday, 09 May 2019  
    Denver has voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms.
  • 5-8-19 Mr. Parents' Basement
    Length: 09:26 Wednesday, 08 May 2019  
    Our Mr. Parents' Basement contest will get you VIP tickets to Sonic Temple.
  • 5-8-19 Loper Takes A Tennis Lesson
    Length: 09:21 Wednesday, 08 May 2019  
    Loper decided to go take a tennis lesson with Randi.
  • 5-8-19 Athletes Weed and CBD Oil
    Length: 13:58 Wednesday, 08 May 2019  
    Some athletes get to smoke weed, others cannot. It's the same for people depending on what state they are in.
  • 5-8-19 Egg Roulette
    Length: 10:05 Wednesday, 08 May 2019  
    Randi is two time defending champion in the most competitive game ever on radio..
  • 5-8-19 Racer Or Racist Game
    Length: 04:19 Wednesday, 08 May 2019  
    We play a new game called "Racer Or Racist" for tickets to the Indy Grand Prix.
  • 5-7-19 Tinder Sex At Festivals
    Length: 04:38 Tuesday, 07 May 2019  
    The hot new thing to do at music festivals is to hook up using Tinder while you are there.
  • 5-7-19 Disgusting Physical Attributes
    Length: 11:17 Tuesday, 07 May 2019  
    Listeners dime out there partners for physical things they have or do that are disgusting.
  • 5-7-19 Baby King of Celebs
    Length: 02:21 Tuesday, 07 May 2019  
    Two famous people had babies and somehow Loper is now the Baby King.
  • 5-7-19 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 09:04 Tuesday, 07 May 2019  
    Loper defends his crown in today's episode of Treadmill Trivia.
  • 5-7-19 Game of Thrones Recap (Spoilers)
    Length: 08:21 Tuesday, 07 May 2019  
    We go over the latest episode of Game of Thrones....yes there are spoilers.
  • 5-6-19 Jody Shelley
    Length: 04:39 Monday, 06 May 2019  
    CBJ legend, Jody Shelley, calls in to talk about tonight's game 6 between the Blue Jackets and Bruins.

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