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One of the mini Lopers got upset with Loper, now known as "HE"
Loper messed up the mini van and had a drink.
Loper and Randi were a day late to their hotel on vacation and couldn't figure out what happened.
Youtube star, Logan Paul, has to apologize for showing video of a suicide victim.
It's the Christmas edition of Egg Roulette and it came with controversy
Is Vince McMahon going to reboot the XFL?
Loper's mom calls in to tell us all about Loper, the young boy.
Kelly Quinn doesn't like the way the other kids pick on Charlie Brown, so she won't watch.
Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
Loper and Randi sat down and talked to Seether before their soldout Blitzmas show Saturday.
Randi's mom calls in to fill in for MawMaw and answers a crazy question from a listener.
Loper and Randi interview Shaun and Dale from Seether prior to Blitzmas 2017 at Express LIVE! on December 16th 2017
Comedian, Greg Morton, stops by the show.  Greg does incredible voices and sound effects from Star Wars.
We review and critic all the new music coming out this week.
Here are the new inductees to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame for 2018.
How do you cut your toast?  People are very serious about this.
Would you date a porn star?
Which country has longer sex?  We tell you that and how to live a long time as well.
UFC fighter, Matt Brown, is in town for a visit and stops by the show.
Damon Martin from Nerd Core Movement is in to talk about the Walking Dead.

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