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  • 1-10-19 Headed To Ireland This Year
    Length: 08:35 Thursday, 10 January 2019  
    Loper and Randi will venture out of the country for a wedding at a real castle in Ireland
  • 1-9-19 Recognizable Song Intros
    Length: 08:57 Wednesday, 09 January 2019  
    We have a little fun with songs that you can recognize just by the very first note or two.
  • 1-9-19 Egg Roulette
    Length: 12:30 Wednesday, 09 January 2019  
    Kelly Quinn is on a tear and refusing to let anyone win anything this year.  Can she keep it up?
  • 1-8-19 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 07:56 Tuesday, 08 January 2019  
    It's the first Treadmill Trivia of 2019.
  • 1-8-19 Travel Rewards Scammers
    Length: 07:29 Tuesday, 08 January 2019  
    People love to take a good deal and get over on it even more, even when it comes to travel rewards.
  • 1-8-19 Hulk Hogan's Tribute To Mean Gene
    Length: 04:18 Tuesday, 08 January 2019  
    Hulk Hogan was on WWE Raw last night to pay tribute to the late Mean Gene Okerlund.
  • 1-8-19 The New Superstars Of America
    Length: 08:55 Tuesday, 08 January 2019  
    Loper predicts that THESE PEOPLE will be the new superstars in America.
  • 1-7-19 Loper's Hot Tub Injury
    Length: 08:10 Monday, 07 January 2019  
    Loper injured himself in a hot tub Friday.
  • 1-7-19 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 07:11 Monday, 07 January 2019  
    A listener has asked for advice because of a social media post by her boyfriend.
  • 1-7-19 Leaving In 2019
    Length: 07:44 Monday, 07 January 2019  
    Some of the things we love will end after this year.
  • 1-7-19 Tidying Up With Marie Condo
    Length: 10:01 Monday, 07 January 2019  
    We have become fascinated with Marie Condo on Netflix and her organizational skills.
  • 1-4-19 Bird Box vs Hot Box
    Length: 09:06 Friday, 04 January 2019  
    Have you seen the Netflix movie, Bird Box?  Like it? We have an alternative.
  • 1-4-19 New Year Resolution Negativity
    Length: 07:09 Friday, 04 January 2019  
    Do other people's new year resolutions impact your life in a negative way?
  • 1-3-19 Loper Mouse Update
    Length: 05:26 Thursday, 03 January 2019  
    Loper and Randi returned from vacation to find out they had more than one mouse in the house.
  • 1-3-19 Kevin Spacey's New Video
    Length: 08:05 Thursday, 03 January 2019  
    Kevin Spacey put out a new video as his character from House of Cards and it's gone viral.
  • 1-3-19 Mean Gene Okerlund Passed Away
    Length: 03:13 Thursday, 03 January 2019  
    Mean Gene passed away and we look back at his awesome WCW Hotline.
  • 1-3-19 Mayweather Fights Again
    Length: 04:56 Thursday, 03 January 2019  
    Floyd Mayweather had a holiday fight in Japan.  Talk about easy work.
  • 1-2-19 Florida Resort Chair Wars
    Length: 10:57 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    Loper and Randi got into a chair war at a resort in Florida last week.
  • 1-2-19 Randi's New Bro Bag
    Length: 05:36 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    Loper feels vindicated now that Randi got her own Bro Bag for Christmas.
  • 1-2-19 Bodybuilder Stabs Girl In Face Before Dying
    Length: 09:57 Wednesday, 02 January 2019  
    A bodybuilder had a mental breakdown and stabbed a girl he met on Tinder while his parents were trying to have him committed.

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