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  • 1-16-18 Cranberries Tragedy
    Length: 06:04 Tuesday, 16 January 2018  
    Dolores of the Cranberries passed away. We look back.
  • 1-16-18 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 09:59 Tuesday, 16 January 2018  
    Can Randi start the year with back to back wins on the Treadmill?
  • 1-16-18 Rogue Gaming
    Length: 11:57 Tuesday, 16 January 2018  
    Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
  • 1-12-18 Bob Marley
    Length: 18:16 Friday, 12 January 2018  
    Comedian, Bob Marley, stops by the show and absolutely slays it.
  • 1-12-18 Deer Salt Licks
    Length: 04:08 Friday, 12 January 2018  
    Loper and Randi have salt licks for deer in their yard and that comes with issues.
  • 1-12-18 New Music Friday
    Length: 21:06 Friday, 12 January 2018  
    It's the first New Music Friday of 2018. We critic all of it.
  • 1-11-18 Pizza Buffet
    Length: 07:13 Thursday, 11 January 2018  
    Who doesn't love a pizza buffet? 
  • 1-11-18 Horse Play
    Length: 05:55 Thursday, 11 January 2018  
    An Alabama fan is in trouble for inappropriate behavior with a horse.
  • 1-10-18 Egg Roulette
    Length: 12:39 Wednesday, 10 January 2018  
    It's the first edition of Egg Roulette for 2018.
  • 1-10-18 Gym Improvement
    Length: 07:58 Wednesday, 10 January 2018  
    We are looking for 4 words to help improve the gym.
  • 1-9-18 Male Sex Robot
    Length: 03:28 Tuesday, 09 January 2018  
    Now there are sex robots for the ladies, too.
  • 1-9-18 Treadmill Trivia
    Length: 10:10 Tuesday, 09 January 2018  
    It's the first Treadmill Trivia of the year.
  • 1-9-18 Rogue Gaming
    Length: 11:26 Tuesday, 09 January 2018  
    Jeremy Duff from Rogue Gaming is in to talk about the latest in gaming.
  • 1-8-18 MawMaw Monday
    Length: 11:19 Monday, 08 January 2018  
    Randi's mom is on with us to help another listener with sex and love advice.

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