Battle for the Range!

Battle for the Range!

The "Battle For The Range" begins! Does your band have what it takes to play Rock On The Range? The 10 Semi-Final bands have been chosen and are ready to move on to The Blitz listener voting round, which begins April 16th. Wanna play at Rock On The Range? Let the battle begin…

​Congratulations to the 10 Semi-Finalists!

The 10 Battle For The Range Semi-Finalists have been chosen. Thanks to all the great local bands that submitted your awesome bands to the battle. Please join us in congratulating these bands and support them! Here are the bands : 

Absolute Hero

A Decade Apart

Cadaver Dogs

In Service Of Serpents

Lovesick Radio

New Haven

Pay The Toll

Pray For Sleep

Shores Of Elysium

Twenty Second Dimension

Now it's up to you, Blitz Nation... Time to Rate the Bands! 

Here's how it works... 

  1. Just click the Survey Button below
  2. Fill out the user info section
  3. Begin rating the bands
  4. Only one survey per person (please don't try and game the system, any attempts at duplicates or multiple surveys will be disqualified)
  5. Listen to each song and rate what you think of the band/song. 
  6. The top 5 bands with the highest survey results will play the Live Battle at Bethel Rd. Pub

​What Bands Can Win:

  1. Winning band opens Sunday Stage 3 slot- Tool Day!
  2. 5 comp tickets on guest list, artist passes for band members + 2 crew members
  3. Opportunity for band to sell select merch *pending F.Y.E approval with band contact*

Criteria to Enter:

  1. The band MUST primarily perform original music, an 80% original, 20% cover is acceptable: We are not looking for cover or tribute bands
  2. The band must perform in the battle and be available to perform in the finals
  3. The band must be in the Rock or Metal genre, or one of the many sub-genres

How it Works:

  1. Bands will submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "Battle For The Range" (band name)".
  2. Bands will send Electronic Press Kit including band bio, genre, past shows, band members, links to social media, songs, and videos, etc.
  3. Before submitting, bands must make sure they will be available to play in the Finals Round at location TBD
  4. The Battle For The Range Committee will screen entry emails, and notify bands prior to the Top 10 Voting Phase, when the public can vote via between the dates April 16th through the 22nd. The Top 5 bands with the highest song ratings, will play in the Finals Round at Bethel Road Pub, with the winner announced via on-air, social media, and at on April 23rd. The Battle For The Range committee will contact the Top 5 bands with details about the Finals Round at Bethel Road Pub.
  5. No set times will be given out until the night of the Finals Round. Once all the bands have arrived at the venue, at the designated load-in time, we will randomly draw the playing order with all of the bands present.
  6. There will be NO ticket sales for bands participating. Each band will be judged according to the judging criteria listed below.
  7. All bands will use house sound and lighting. Our house sound engineer will mix each band.
  8. There will be no scrims, ego risers, banners, or any stage sets permitted by any band. This is also a rule for the winner of the festival slot.
  9. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO COVER CHARGE for anyone attending the Finals Round. Each band will also have the opportunity to sell merch at the Finals Round. *The Blitz will gather all info on bands selling merch and bands shall provide their own tables*
  10. There will be 3 judges at the Finals Round. Each judge will be impartial and will have no affiliation with the bands or members of the bands performing.
  11. At the end of the Finals Round judges will tabulate scores and comments and send them via email to the bands. No winners will be announced the night of the Finals Round. To help ensure that everything is done in the fairest way possible, the winner will be announced via on-air, on social media, and at on April 27th. In the event of a tie, the Battle of the Bands Committee will meet, discuss, and break the tie with a committee vote. 

FINALS DATE: Thursday, April 26th 2018

Judging Criteria:

Each bullet point will be judged on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score. Partial points can be given by the judges, ie; 5.7, 8.1, etc. to greatly reduce the chance of there being a tie. 1/3 of the judging process will be an on-site crowd voting mechanism at the Finals Round where the crowd will be asked to text in a "keyword" coinciding with each band to 99700 that night. There will be a maximum of one vote per phone number/person. 

  1. Musicality
    1. Performance- Tightness of the music/band
    2. Song Composition and Structure
    3. Individual instrument and vocal performance
  2. Showmanship
    1. On stage performance
    2. Transitions from song to song
    3. Image
  3. Crowd Response
    1. Crowd response to the band's performance
  4. Overall Show
    1. Average of all scores from the above bullet points

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