Local Stuff Lineup - 5.14.17

Local Stuff Lineup - 5.14.17

Ft. in-studio w/ Undergrads

Undergrads - Silvertoes

Undergrads - Friends

Friendly Faux - Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Graceful Closure - Chasing Fears

Undergrads - Recovery

Heroes Like Villains - Ties

Settle Your Scores - How To Screw Up

Undergrads - She Said Give Up

No Dice - Endless Saturday

Beartooth - Sick Of Me*

Starset - Telepathic*

Against Us All - Rescue Me

Undergrads - Leaving You In The Rearview

*Bigger Band(s) From Columbus

Check Out Metallica's Four-Man Drum Jam
Metal Shop Lineup - 5.14.17