Marilyn Manson is in a New Movie and it looks Incredible!

Marilyn Manson is in a New Movie and it looks Incredible!

Marilyn Manson is no stranger to the film scene. He's been on the big screen, and the small one. Some appearances were great, looking at you Sons of Anarchy, and other's we'd like to forget, cough cough Talking Dead. But this new movie, this new movie could be the one. It's taken nearly thirty years, but someone finally made the Antichrist Superstar a hitman, and boy does it fit. The new film is called Let Me Make You A Martyr and it looks incredible if you ask me. It's floated around the festival circuit for a year, but will hit select theaters on May 25th and streaming services on June 6th. Unfortunately none of the theater releases are in this area, so you may have to wait for it to hit the internet. The film was co-produced, written and directed by John Swab and Corey Asraf. They've been quoted as saying that this film has been in the works for 10 years, so obviously a final product with that much work put in to it will be nothing less than stellar. There's info about this movie all over the place and a simple google search will bring you much more than I can write, but I'll save you the effort and drop a link HERE to get you started. Oh, and if you thought I wouldn't leave you a trailer to watch, well you're sure going to be disappointed. Check that ish out below!

Both Swab and Asraf are relatively unknown directors, or at least, I hadn't heard much of them. I wanted to link some of there other work here too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything for you to watch from John Swab, so here's his IMDB profile! Corey Asraf actually just finished directing a new music video for one of my favorite bands, Brick + Mortar, so for more on his directing styles, I'll drop that below! Also, here's his IMDB profile!

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