Monster Worm Pays Tribute to Cannibal Corpse!

Monster Worm Pays Tribute to Cannibal Corpse!

And thus concludes a headline that I never in a million years thought I would write. And if you ran off to google who "Monster Worm" was, considering that sounds just as much, if not more like a band name than "Cannibal Corpse," well let me reel you back in. Monster worm is not a band. I mean an actual, extinct, gigantic, 3-foot-long worm.

Have enough questions yet? Well long story short, a new species of worm was discovered by two dudes who really like naming dead things after musicians. This particular worm has been named after Alex Webster, the bassist for Cannibal Corpse. So there you have it, a monster worm paying tribute to Cannibal Corpse!

There's way more to this story, but it's full of big science words that I am nowhere near smart enough to pronounce, so I'll leave that to the guys over at Blabber Mouth. You can click HERE for that. I've also included Cannibal Corpse's title track off of their second EP called "Worm Infested" below. No real reason, it just seemed to fit.

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