Orange Shirt Kid Dominates 'Fortnite's' #BoogieDownChallenge

Orange Shirt Kid Dominates 'Fortnite's' #BoogieDownChallenge

​The immensely popular video game, Fortnite, has quickly become the hot topic for everyone. In 15 minutes, 100 players are dropped onto the map and have to strategically work their way to the top. 

Recently, dance parties have become a feature within the game. At the beginning of this month, Epic Games announced a #BoogieDown challenge, where real-life Fortnite players were asked to post a video of their best reenactment of the character's dance moves.

Ignoring the Epic Game's top picks, the Fortnite community had their hearts stolen by the infamous Orange Shirt Kid who came in 23rd place. After becoming a meme, the Fortnite community set out to write a petition to gain "Justice for Orange Shirt Kid" and quickly got their 7,500 signatures.

Check out the Orange Shirt Kid for yourself! :

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