This Has My Vote for Album of the Year!

This Has My Vote for Album of the Year!

Yeah, you saw that picture right. Mother lovin' Iron Maiden Lullaby album. And don't you think for one second that you're not going to hear some of those glorious sounds before you click off this page!

Now that my little rant is over, the details. The people over at Rockabye Baby! have done it again. If you haven't heard of Rockabye Baby! before, well please allow me to inform you. They are an unbelievably talented group who put together lullaby versions of everyone's favorite rock and metal songs. There newest album is set to drop on November fourth and it is, like the picture says, Iron Maiden covers! You can find the track listing for the album, and some more information right over HERE.

But I promised you a sample, so here it is! The best version of Run To The Hills to play your 2 year old!

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