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Stranger Things sneak peek!


Stranger Things is back... and so is Hopper?! According to Netflix data, over 40.7 million global users watched the third season during the premiere weekend. Will you watch? Check out this teaser and let us know! 

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2967 Hits

USA Army Band Covers RUSH


Members of a band belonging to the USA Army makes Time Stand Still by covering RUSH.  

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Happy Valentine's Day!


​Here are some fun facts about Valentine's Day! The total expected spending on Valentine's Day is 27.4 billion dollars, people spend the most money on candy followed by cards, more men plan on celebrating Valentine's day than women! For more fun facts read below <3 Remember, we love you! 


NRF | Valentine’s Day

Average spending on Valentine’s Day in 2020 is expected to be a record $196.31, up 21 percent over last year.
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Gotta LOVE new music


​This weeks new music is amazing! Check out these songs and let us know what you think. Thanks for listening!

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1584 Hits

Check out the line on that!


​Vail sees record breaking, 38 inches of snowfall between Thursday and Saturday as well as enormous lines. Randi really lucked out on her trip. Check out our vlog to see footage of Randi riding up to the lifts. Read more below. Video by Hiking Nerd


Vail’s lift-line woes over weekend on heels of historic powder conditions | AspenTimes.com

Vail Mountain enjoyed one of its top-five snow events on record from Thursday to Saturday. All told, the mountain recorded 38 inches at Patrol Headquarters during a 48-hour period between Thursday and Saturday. Much of...
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2111 Hits

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