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COVID-19 Prevention Plan


​With spreading of the Coronavirus we want our listeners to be safe and informed. Dr. Amy Acton, the Director of the Ohio Department of Health, was awesome today in answering our questions about COVID-19. She gave us this amazing link that you can click below to learn more. 

This link provides Ohioans information about prevention, what to keep in your household, updates and more. Stay healthy!

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Hasta La Vista Arnold


The Arnold, which brings in an estimated 42 million dollars in visitor spending according to WBNS 10, is cancelled for public viewing due to the COVID-19 virus. Some athletes from affected areas will not compete, but the majority will. Read more about the Arnold and its cancellation below! Video by NBC4 Columbus


BREAKING: Arnold Sports Festival Will Have No Spectators, Only Athletes Due To Coronavirus – Fitness Volt

The Arnold Sports Festival was expected to go down this weekend. However due to concerns about the Coronavirus, the event has been seriously changed.
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New Friday, New Music


​Check out these awesome new songs, which includes songs from one of our favorite bands Five Finger Death Punch. You can learn more about them by clicking the link below! Let us know what you think about the new music!

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Vampire Much?


Tyson Fury did what now? I thought drinking blood was fiction! 

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You know what time it is!


Ozzy Osbourne put his heart and soul into his new album Ordinary Man, and it's fire! According to Pitchfork news Ozzy said that this is the most important album he's done in some time. Check out the songs here and support the god of darkness! Let us know what you think. 

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