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New Music Friday

New Music Friday

Black Veil Brides- Vale

Camila Cabello- Havana feat. Young Thug

Joe Satriani- What Happens Next

Bleeding Gods- Dodekathlon

Lil Skies- Red Roses

Avatar- Avatar Country

Petula Clark- Chansons Préferées

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Golden Globes' male winners receive flak for not mentioning "Time's Up" movement

Golden Globes' male winners receive flak for not mentioning "Time's Up" movement

​Despite numerous men at the awards ceremony wearing pins in support of the movement, none of the male recipients said anything about it. read the article here

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Wake-N-Bake with Loper & Randi every weekday morning at 6am! Tune in for the Wake-N-Bake Trivia question for the day and call 821-9970 to give your answer! Get it right and you can win a cool prize! 





Wake N Bake sponsored by Beds N Stuff. Wake N Bake with Loper and Randi in the Morning for the chance to win a $20 Beds N Stuff gift card.



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Shots from Blitzmas

Check out some cool shots from Blitzmas with us! 

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Show Photos!

Some of our more recent promo photos...

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