Loper & Randi in the Morning

Loper's HUGE Mail Sack


Love and relationship advice straight outta Loper's Huge Mail Sack? It's true! Monday mornings at 8:40 with Loper and Randi, powered by The Lion's Den, Your one stop shop for Pleasure, Passion, and Romance!

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Treadmill Trivia


Treadmill Trivia, listen every Tuesday to Loper and Randi in the Morning on The Blitz to hear the morning show humiliate themselves on air by answering trivia questions while running on a treadmill. Every wrong answer bumps up the ante, and the speed.

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Wake N Bake


Wake-N-Bake with Loper & Randi every weekday morning at 6am!

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Helium Theater


The best segment on morning radio! It's Helium Theater! Loper and Randi and the whole morning crew will suck in loads of helium and act out a scene from a popular movie. Be the first person to guess the movie correctly and win! 

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Loper & Randi Saturday Rewind

Loper & Randi Saturday Rewind

Didn't get enough of Loper & Randi during the week? Catch up with all things Morning Show with the Saturday Rewind with Loper & Randi! 

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