Loper & Randi in the Morning

Helium Theater

Helium Theater

The best segment on morning radio! It's Helium Theater! Loper and Randi and the whole morning crew will suck in loads of helium and act out a scene from a popular movie. Be the first person to guess the movie correctly and win a $25 Popcorn Pam gift certificate!

Be sure to check out her new location located at 955 East Johnstown Road in Gahanna!


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Conor McGregor is about to get back in the octagon against Khabib.  The press conference was quite entertaining.

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We play and critique all the new music coming out today.

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Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, is in to break down tomorrow's game against TCU.

9-20-18 MGK Gets Called Out

A small time actor calls out MGK over his diss on Eminem and the aftermath is crazy.

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