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Wake N Bake sponsored by Beds N Stuff. Wake N Bake with Loper and Randi in the Morning for the chance to win a $20 Beds N Stuff gift card.



Waterbeds n Stuff and Beds n Stuff Superstores Columbus' original vapor store.


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UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, was on the show this morning discussing diving with Loper over the weekend.

8-20-18 Response To Loper's Sobriety

Loper shed some light on his sobriety Friday and we have responses from Randi and the listeners.

8-20-18 MawMaw Monday

We have a listener who needs advice about her boyfriend scamming money from her.

8-17-18 Loper Talks Sobriety

We got an email about Loper discussing his sobriety with Jonathan Davis. Loper addresses the topic.

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