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This will give you the warm and fuzzies


If you miss mosh pits as much as I do then this will hit ya right in the face just like a guy did in this video! Celine Dion is in the background and this is off a Warped Tour non affiliated page called "Warped Tour Updated" thank you for the video!!!  

  1048 Hits
1048 Hits

Linkin Park hit a BILLION!!!


Linkin park's "In the End" hit a billion views on Youtube! go check out this video that is in tribute to the band and to the Late Great Chester Bennington below!

  1563 Hits
1563 Hits



There was an actual live show! You'd have to travel a bit to have made the show since it was in Switzerland but yeah there was a live SOCIALLY DISTANT show. The only down side is no mosh pits or crowd surfing. :/ I know you want to see it so look at what we used to have down below!

  1216 Hits
1216 Hits

Stephen Perkins Drummer for Jane's Addiction colab with Steelpan players

 Stephen Perkins drummer for Jane's Addiction teamed up with steelpan players from 8 different countries to cover the Who's "Baba O'Reilly". Its incredible check it out below

  1178 Hits
1178 Hits

Billie Joe Armstrong Glasses and singing 'Danny Boy'????


 let me know your thoughts on the new look from Billie Joe Armstrong!

  3143 Hits
3143 Hits