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Weekend Warrior

Fast And The Furious: Buggy Drift


 This horse and buggy went full fast and furious in the snow!!!!

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Trivium frontman Matt Heafy just did a cover of Ozzy's Crazy Train!!!


Matt Heafy of Trivium just blew my mind with his cover of Ozzy's Crazy Train check it out below!!! 

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1780 Hits

A Bear cub giving a school the stare down!!!


 this bear was at a North Carolina school giving an intense stare down!!!

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The Dog is Saved!!!


 A girl was walking her dog and did not notice her dog was not with her in the elevator. The doors closed and the dog nearly died if it was not for someone passing by. He saved the dog and thank goodness! Way to go dude. Below is the video.

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Allistair Overeem got dat lip!!


Here is the picture of Allistair Overeem's lip! He got knocked out last night at a UFC event in Washington D.C. Listen this is not for the weak willed and those who easily get queasy!!! But then again still look at it... I kinda wanna touch it does that make me weird?

Picture credit  to USA today  

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