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​This new band we have been playing here on the Blitz is taking the USA by storm!!! The Hu have some of the best instrumentals I have seen. Their instruments are based on their heritage of awesome Mongolian metal music called Hunnu Rock. One of their instruments is called a Morin Khuur its basically a two stringed fiddle with a horse head on it that is played with a bow!! Another one of their instruments is called a Tovshuur and that is played with the fingers. The Hu have made it all the way from Mongolia and now they are in the streets of New York City doing pop-up shows in the subway!!! Here is the video of them playing their latest hit "Yuve Yuve Yu"! Check it out and enjoy!!

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5793 Hits

The Oz Man on his Health


The state of Ozzy Osbourne has been an insane topic of 2019 from canceling shows, to broken bones, severe medical issues and oh so much more. Ozzy gave a full recap on what happened this year and what helped him get through on his radio show called "Ozzy's Boneyard". Below is a clip from the show with his long time friend Billy Morrison! 

Video credit to SiriusXM and "Ozzy's Boneyard" August 27th,2019 

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