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Rob Zombie has his face on a big ole bag of coffee! Dead Sled Coffee is producing this bag o beans and these look absolutely stellar! Right now the going price is $22 bucks. Not just the coffee Mr. Zombie has "The Munster's" remake coming out and is touring right now! He's headlining Inkcarceration Music and Tattoo festival up in Mansfield September 10th-12th up at the Ohio State Reformatory! Enjoy the sounds, enjoy the sights and by all things that are good and unholy horror enjoy this coffee! 

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CANDLEBOX has a new album!!!


 Candlebox is releasing a brand new album called 'Wolves' and they have a single out right now called "My Weakness". This album drops on September 17th! There last album was all the way back in 2016 and the band says, "It comes from where we are as humans right now, and what we've become. Yes, there's beauty in these wolves, but there's the pack mentality, and that lone wolf mentality on the other side." They have also released a single called  "Let Me Down Easy". Below is a video of their song for "My Weakness" blow up the text lines and tell me what you think!

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Bring Me the Horizon: "Is this too Heavy?"


What do ya think too heavy or not heavy enough?

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Papa Roach did a sneaky thing last night in the best possible way they showed us a glimpse of a new song! It is called "Stand Up" and it was part of a promo video for upcoming events check it out below! 

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Toni Cornell Covers 'Hunger Strike'


Toni Cornell, daughter of the late great Chris Cornell, covered her fathers song 'Hunger Strike' for Covid Relief in April of 2020. Now, yesterday marked 30 years of that song making us feel all types of emotions and now Chris Cornell's daighter helps us feel more about this song that was just an absolute iconic song and a song that is enjoyed by many generations! To say her voice is beautiful would be the understatement of a lifetime! Her voice in this is just breathtaking from the smoothness and flow between everything is just amazing! This was posted to instagram yesterday and she said this, 

"Hunger Strike was released 30 years ago today. It's not only one of the most iconic songs of all time but one of my personal favorites. I recorded it for Music Lives to raise money for covid relief in April 2020 and in tribute to my dad who would have been the first to do everything he could to help. (Full song in reel).
I love you daddy and I'm so proud of what you created, who you are and everything you believed in. This song represents all of that to me ♥️

check out the video of the song right now below and go follow Toni Cornell and her lovely voice! 

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