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People are passing out and vomiting from watching this movie


This movie is causing people to vomit and pass out in the theater.  There are stories about moviegoers going unconscious, falling out of their seats, vomiting and even needing to call an ambulance because they're so physically shocked by what they're seeing.  Terrifier 2 is now in select theaters across the country and it is becoming widely known as "the movie that no one can handle."  

Here's the official trailer.  ** WARNING - there is some gore. **  But I don't feel like I'm seeing anything that would make me pass out, vomit or need an ambulance.  Would you go watch this movie, knowing that there's a chance that your night doesn't' end well?

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You've GOT TO hear this - Motley Crue/Beatles Mashup


 God bless the internet.  Someone took the time to put together a mashup of "Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue and "Hard Days Night" by the Beatles.  AND IT ROCKS.

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Ivan Moody "Retiring from Five Finger Death Punch"


In case you haven't seen this, at their show in Denver on Friday night, Ivan Moody made a huge announcement.  Ivan brought his kids on stage and announced that he's going to do one more Five Finger Death Punch album, then he's retiring from metal.   After "touring the world and seeing every city on this planet twice," it's time for him to go be a dad and spend quality time with his kiddos.  Respect...

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Look what my kid did... (insert mad face)


OMG.  Kids.......

Yesterday, one of my daughters used the restroom and admittedly, the toilet in the bathroom she shares with her sister is finicky.  So...she took care of business and give it the ol' flushy flush....and it overflowed.  It happens to the best of us at some point.  Right?  But I have to believe that any other human would have handled the situation better than she did.  Apparently she watched the water come up...and come up higher...and higher...


She did her best to keep it a secret.  But the ceiling on the first floor wasn't as interested in keeping it on the DL.    What's your best "my kid destroyed my house" story?  Let's see what you've got below.  Maybe I'll share them on air this week.

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Brawl At Walt Disney World Caught on Camera


Sorry.  You're getting a Friday rant from your boy, Kirsch.  What the hell is wrong with people?  I feel like someone has got to say it might as well be ME on my little ol' Blitz blog.  Maybe someone will see it and maybe someone will share it and maybe someone will learn from it.

Remember in Back to the Future II when Biff got a hold of the sports almanac?  I feel like that's what we're living in right now - Biff's Alternate 1985.  Where everything bad is good.  It HAS TO stop.  

Check out the video below.  Mickey Mouse had to be called in to break up a massive fight right in the middle of his house on Wednesday.

Two brawling families turned Disney World's Magic Kingdom into an MMA event with kicks and punches thrown for several minutes before security, and eventually police officers, arrived to separate everybody. The melee occurred in the Orlando park's Fantasyland area outside of Mickey's PhilharMagic theater show. Witnesses say the families were all waiting in line when one woman left to retrieve her phone from her electric mobility scooter. When she returned to rejoin her family, the other family tried to block her from getting back into the line.

When the show was over, the woman's family waited outside the theater for the other family and they immediately came to blows. One of the men involved had to be taken to the hospital with facial lacerations. It's unclear whether any arrests were made.

Here's the video (***language***)

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