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That's One Seriously Kinky Fish!


Ever hear one of those "you won't believe the fish I caught" stories from one of your buddies?  This one tops EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

A couple of fishing buddies in Indiana recently reeled in a one-of-a-kind catfish and it wasn't easy. You could say, it was very hard.

Richard Kesar and his friend Jon Hoop were fishing on the Ohio River when Hoop hooked his first-ever blue catfish. As he unhooked it and held it up for his pal to take a picture, they both noticed some large lumps inside the fish's stomach. They took it home to clean it up and cut it open to see what this fish had eaten. They were stunned by what they found. In addition to a half-eaten fish, there was a foam ball and a large sex toy. Kesar says, "I have no idea how or why it ended up in the river." Also, why did the fish eat it? 

Photo: Richard Kesar/Facebook

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399 Hits