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Check Out This Beast! New Three Days Grace "So Called Life" (video too)


Three Days Grace will drop their new album "EXPLOSIONS" on May 6th. They're Touring in the new year with a date in Cincinnati at Bogarts on May 2nd (w/ Lilith Czar) Here's their New Song.... "So Called Life"

"I think we all have something we need to do or take just to get through everyday life to make it a little bit more bearable." – Matt Walst

The New album EXPLOSIONS is out May 6th 2022, pre-save/pre-order it now: 

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Bring on the Hilarious and Equally Disturbing Holiday spirit with TOOL's JUSTIN CHANCELLOR!

The Tree topples and S%#T gets broken! HO! HO! HO! Tool bassist Justin Chancellor plays EVERYONE In this Commercial!...Including Santa and a wah pedal. Watch as Chancellor plays the kid, his mom, the elves, and Santa in this new ad for his very own signature pedal. (Be sure to watch the end credits! Bahawawawa! Good stuff!)

Catch Chancellor using his pedal on tour with TOOL during their 2022 stop in Columbus on March 6th at Nationwide Arena! Get tix here

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The Blitz Presents An Intimate Evening With Corey Taylor


99.7 The Blitz Presents An Intimate Evening With Corey Taylor In Conversation with the Ultimate Fan Q&A! Tickets Go On Sale this Saturday Nov 20th at 10am at CAPA.COM, But we're blowing out pairs of tickets each hour Saturday & Sunday 12n-5pm! Listen for your chance to score a pair of tickets to catch Grammy-winning musician, actor and author Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour, CMFT) up close and personal at The Davidson Theater on Monday Dec 13th. An Intimate Evening with Corey Taylor, from Your Rock Station, 99.7 The Blitz!

Corey is doing a small set of shows before Slipknot heads out on their international tour and he's coming to Columbus to hang out with us at The Davidson Theater out for a coupla' hours.

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This Is What It Looks Like To Get Injured On Stage.


Slipknot's Shawn 'Clown' Crahan posted the video at the very moment he tore the bicep tendon in his upper arm while on stage banging it out like the Slipknot co-founder and percussionist does nightly! Slipklnot was touring the States for the Knotfest Roadshow when the injury happened.

Crahan gave a detailed explanation of how it happened in the caption of his Instagram post. 

"Ladies and gentlemen,
If you look close enough, you can pinpoint the exact frame where Clown completely tore the bicep tendon from the radial tuberosity with proximal retraction, proximal to the coronoid fossa of the humerus.
With that being said, you may have realized I was not on stage in Florida with my brothers and my culture tonight. For this fact I am saddened. I had surgery today in Los Angeles, everything went great, and I am recovering peacefully.
I can't express how happy and blessed I am to have been able to come back to touring after all that we as a community have been through the last couple years. And I promise we will see you all very soon. Thank you.
Hail The Knot"

Crahan previously announced that Slipknot is working on a new album named 'Look Outside Your Window' and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor later added that the album is about 80% done. The band also released a new song, 'The Chapeltown Rag,' from the new album.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Clown!
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I can NOT stop watching this Freaky Bad Ass Music Video!


How does he make those sounds with that guitar?! Jack White is a talented weird creative Genius! The Jack White albums have been announced. "Fear Of The Dawn" will be out April 8th and "Entering Heaven Alive" is slated for a Summer release on July 22nd..

"Taking Me Back" is the first song on the first to be released album "Fear Of The Dawn" and "Taking Me Back (Gently)" is the last song on "Entering Heaven Alive" so TWO NEW ALBUMS NEXT YEAR! 

Both albums are available for pre-order: Fear Of The Dawn: and Entering Heaven Alive:

I've always loved 'Icky Thump' and his project "The Dead Weather" (I've attached the video of their song "Treat Me Like Your Mother" as a bonus...You're Welcome! SO GOOD!) But first, check out the Brand New Crazy Good Video for "Taking Me Back"

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