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This Half Billion Dollar Bel Air Home is in Receivership. Let's take a tour


 Once thought to be worth $500 million, this 105,000 sq ft mansion was recently placed into receivership by LA County after the owner defaulted on over $165 million in debt used to build the property. Expect a big price cut when it goes back on the market, with some estimates of the updated listing price coming in below $300 million. 

What does a person get for that type of money? Well, here are two of the biggest douchebags on Earth to give you a two part tour. Enjoy!

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395 Hits

Driver in Florida Attempts a Drawbridge Jump...And Makes It (Video


A perfect mix of stupidity and bravery along with a heroic dose of IDGAF and this video is the result. Police say they think they've identified the driver...who will likely never have to pay for a drink again once they show folks at the bar this video.

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1365 Hits

Breakdown of The Legendary Cringe of "Rock of Love"


 Hard to believe it's been almost 15 years since "Rock of Love" debuted on VH1 and it has not aged well. One of those shows I vaguely remember tuning into, but remember almost no details. There's good reason for that. The show was a complete mess, as this gentleman on Youtube points out. Some of the gold includes...

"He looks like the ultimate Hatebreed fan, straight out of Bass Pro Shop..."


"He's like Synyster Gates infused with the essence of Zeus."

The comments on the video also deliver. Let's all hope cable networks learn their lesson from this and keep celebrity dating shows limited to Flava Flav and absolutely no one else. Enjoy the breakdown.

  1544 Hits
1544 Hits

Naked Panda's Identity Revealed


Yesterday, video of a naked fella with a panda mask rollerblading on 670 went viral. Here's the raw video via Twitter.

Today, this Youtube video from October came to light of a very similar panda (clothed) rollerblading around Easton Town Center. 

It's safe to say that's probably our hero. I guess it could also be someone who's beefin' with Easton Panda and besmirching his good Panda name by performing his stunts naked on the freeway, but let's admit that's probably unlikely because admitting to rollerblading in 2020 is humiliating enough.  

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Eric Andre Has Lost His Mind (NSFW)



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