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Amazon's "The Boys" Season 2 Trailer


One month from today the new season of "The Boys" drops on Amazon Prime. As a person who couldn't care less about Marvel/DC universe, this show was weird and violent enough to be one of my favorites from last year. Here's the trailer for the upcoming season. 

Earlier this summer I posted the first 3 minutes of the upcoming season that can be found here:

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Corey Taylor - CMFT Must Be Stopped (Feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie) (Video)


Corey's new album "CMFT" comes out October 2nd. Two singles were released today "Black Eyes Blue" and this track, "CMFT Must Be Stopped". Due to the potty language, it's doubtful you're going to hear the latter on The Blitz anytime soon, so here's the video.

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The First Three Minutes of "The Boys" Season 2 on Amazon Prime (Brutal NSFW Video)


 The best new show of 2019 is back for a second season starting September 4th on Amazon Prime. Enjoy the first 3 minutes of the new season. Buckle up, as the title indicates it's brutal. 

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The Wieners Circle in Chicago is Back with a New Commercial (NSFW Video)


 The Wieners Circle, a late night grub spot in Chicago famous for insulting their customers has started a new fundraiser to help COVID patients in that town. You might take issue with the language or the insults, but it's undeniable that "Corona" does sound like the name of a sneaky ass bitch. Enjoy the video.

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​5FDP - A Little Bit off (Video)


​Here's the brand new video for the Death Punch track "A Little Bit Off" from their album F8. Ivan claims this was his favorite track off the new album and a quarantined Las Vegas provides an appropriate background for the video. Enjoy.

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1242 Hits